Basic Air Plant Care 

LIGHT:  Air plants prefer indirect filtered light and should be displayed where they will receive enough light. 

WATERING:  Air plants need to be watered regularly. You can submerge the plants in water and let them soak for about 30 minutes, or you can mist them a couple times a week. ​

  • Most air plants can be watered about every 2 weeks with a good soaking in room temperature water. Decrease soaking to every 3 weeks in the winter months. I use filtered water since I don't know what is in the tap water. Soak them for about 30 minutes. Take them out, shake them off and dry upside down for a couple of hours. Drying them upside down is important to drain the water from the base of the plant. Add some fertilizer to the water about once a month.
  • You can also mist your air plants about twice a week while in the display. Once a month mist with fertilizer. 
  • They have little misting bottles online for air plants for about $3. They also have bottles of prepared fertilizer misters online. 

Bottom line, watering these is not an exact science. It depends on the temperature and humidity where they live. These are not plants you have to get someone to water while you are on vacation. 

PRUNING:  If your plant gets brown tips snip them off with a pair of sharp scissors. I like to cut them at an angle.

There is plenty of great information on the internet about air plant care, blooms, and pups, etc. Find what works best for you and enjoy!