Air Plant Gardens & Displays

by Tracy Guthry

Just a skosh - a little bit. It's an expression I have always loved.  My hope is these air plants and displays bring a little bit of joy to those who decide to bring them home or give them as gifts.  My mom sent me a few air plants for my birthday and I loved them.  The rest as they say is history

I truly enjoy the creation of the individual displays, the unique character of the air plants, and the end result that I am able to share. I hope you enjoy them too. - Tracy

 Share a Little Joy!

Designs now include holiday displays. After the holidays, simply remove the holiday flair and the display lives on. 

Right now, porch pick up in Reston, VA.  Delivery can be arranged for local areas. 

I am happy to send additional pictures and videos.

[email protected]    (703)627-6654 (m)